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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Living an Extraordinary Life

If you are looking forward to seeing out the rest of your days in a fairly inoffensive, average, 'one of the crowd' kind of way, stop reading now (in fact, you are probably not reading now...).

If you feel in your bones that there is more juice to be had from life, read on...

After 30 years in business and 7 years in training, coaching and extensive voluntary work, I now offer to help people get what they want through a simple four-step process which enables more success in business, in your personal life, in parenting, in your career, or in any area of your life where you’d like to make a change.

Employing a simple 4-step coaching process, we work together on your success:

1. What do you want? – we get clarity on what you’re aiming for

2. What do you have today? – we stock-check your resources

3. How might you be in future? – we look at how you’d like things to be different

4. What will you do? – time to take action, supported fully by your coach!

What is coaching? A series of powerful conversations that open up new possibilities and enable change, so that you get more from life.

Who sets the agenda? You do. With the support of your coach, you decide what a successful life means to you, and we go after that, on your terms.

How does it work? You get to dream your dreams in a safe and supportive environment, then with a healthy injection of realism and optimism, supported by a professionally trained listener/questioner, you decide what you want, when, how fast and we make the change happen. Coaching sessions are usually a one hour phone call. Additional email support may be offered. You can choose to have as many or as few sessions as you wish. Monthly or bi-weekly sessions are typical patterns.

Can anyone be a coach? Yes, although it doesn’t make them a good coach, of course! I trained and practised with Coach University for 3 years, who are accredited by the International Coach Federation. I can provide references from colleagues who respect my coaching on request.

How much does it cost? About the same as a nice meal for two; £50 per hour. A nice meal for two, or a more successful life? The choice is yours (you might choose both, of course...).

How do I know the coaching will be successful? You will define success for yourself, with my help. We’ll work on those aspects that you choose to change. Success is becoming the person you really want to and can be. That’s what we’ll do together. Remember, the only person you can change is yourself. I think there’s a huge potential there, waiting to be unleashed!

Is coaching for me? Coaching is not for everyone. It’s not free, and it involves work and commitment. Coaching is an important element of my work, alongside my writing, training and voluntary activities. I necessarily limit the number of hours per week I make available for each of these. I choose to work with those people who know there’s more excitement and passion to be had in life, and want that journey for themselves.

Next? Let’s have a half hour ‘taster’ session on the phone, and you can see for yourself whether this is for you, and whether we hit it off.

Call me now on (+44) (0)759 5534239.